Thursday, May 11, 2017

When mares go crazy

To start with, let me just say I LOVE mares. 

I love MY mares. 

Both of them. 

But...  sometimes...  mares are a pain in the a$$...

As in hormonal, temperamental, crazy mares...

Mares that, despite sharing a pasture or fenceline for YEARS, decide that they hate the sight of each other and try to kill each other through a 2x4 mesh fence (which I will tell you why I'm glad I have that up in a second) and hotwire top & bottom.

And one of said mares gets her hind legs OVER THE TOP OF THE FENCE and gets sorta stuck halfway over the top...  tummy on the hotwire...  hocks sorta stuck into the fencing...  fun...

The fencing gave (YAY welded wire, it breaks!!!  Hence the reason I'm glad that we have welded wire FWIW!) and she came away with just a superficial scrape on one hock - which is HUGE considering it could have been SO MUCH WORSE!

Buut, she is a bit ouchy - probably because she was being an idiot and trying to kill her friend. 

The bummer is that I was planning on taking THIS particular mare to her first show this weekend.  Not gonna happen now.  Bummer.

Good news is that it is not serious.

Even better news will wait because internet haters gonna hate and I want to find joy in the situation.

Just a teaser though...

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