Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It is not ALL about the ponies...

I'd love for this blog to be about family, and other farm life and farm critters.  With Easter weekend safely tucked away for the year, it is time to talk about spring (!) and new life around the farm.

I'll start with the easiest discussion.  One which I adore almost as much as the ponies...  what might that be, you ask?  Why, my beautiful and adorable call ducks!  And by that I mean that it is hatching season!!!

If you don't know about call ducks, here is my quick speech:  they are an adorable breed of bantam ducks - quality females weighing approximately 1lbs and males coming in at a "hefty" 1.5lbs.  The females are quite noisy (hence the name Call duck - used traditionally to "call in" wild mallard ducks for hunting purposes) but the males are nearly silent.  Their small size, pudgy build and docile temperaments make them ideal pets - and if you are looking for color, they come in a large and lovely variety of hues!

But, for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the baby pictures!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Calypso Chronicles #1

Wow! 2017 is off to a bang!

As you've probably read, I have 3 children. And what do kids"need" more than anything? Why... A pony of course!

I'll go into the whole story another day, but to make a long story short, we were able to lease an amazing pony. Not just any pony... But a pony I rode as a young teenager... And have known of for at least 20 years...

He's been an "A" circuit hunter pony for years. He is my best friend's childhood pony. He's absolutely amazing!

So with no further ado, please meet Calypso! I'll try to get better pictures and see if any of his fan club want to share their stories of this handsome man!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Sigh... I'm crazy... the weather is cold, wet and slick. I can't ride at home and hauling out takes an act of Congress... so what does a sane equestrian do? Well... she buys this...

It's so pretty... I would wear it myself... I still haven't told my husband that I bought it 😳

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Farm Foto's

Just some crappy cell phone pictures of my farm right now! If it weren't so cold, I'd love fall!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Lesson 2

Unlike (or like)many in blogger land, I'm a low budget rider, and while I now have an awesome trainer I definitely can't afford to ride with her frequently. Quantity of lessons vs. quality of lessons. I picked quality. I don't regret the choice! Just wish I was able to do both... quantity and quality!

An oldie but silly hubby didn't take pictures, boo! Pretty mare!

It was cold, windy and there were a plethora of geldings that wanted the attention of a pretty little mare at the trainer's barn. Willow thought all the boys were pretty awesome too!

So, she was highly vocal and on alert. However, she never did a single thing dangerous or stupid. A few small spooks but always came right back with no fanfare.

The theme of lesson was to get her to release her hind end and keep my hands up. I have the bad habit of burying my hands in my horses shoulders to keep their heads lower (thank you stock horse trainer of my past), but since I want to do dressage, I have to lift my hands and Willow moves best with her head up (arabian!) and balance back. Duh!

You'd think I'd realize this, silly adult amateur wants to ride her pretty little arabian in dressage... well bred Arabians are naturally uphill. Very suitable for dressage in that respect.

The good points are that she keeps her bits together very nicely. She has a lovely even trot. 3 good gaits, and if I don't continue to ride like a sack of cow poop she will be a really really cool horse!

The bad points are that we are both out of shape and I need more than 1 lesson per month. Must figure out how to afford it. Also, her trailer loading is leagues better than it used to be, but still needs work. Ugh.

Things have changed dramatically this past week in a way that will make my riding life so much better. More on that later.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The thing I love most about rivers is...

... You can't step into the same river twice. The waters always changing always flowing...

Ah, I still love that song from my childhood! Bonus points if you know what movie that is from!

Anyways, the point is, that living on a farm is much like the river mentioned above. Things are always changing and evolving. We have decided to get out of goats and focus on just the horses and the poultry.

The birds (besides my ducks) ate my husband's hobby while the horses are mine (and my ducks. I love love love my ducks!)

The goats were always an in-between farm friends for us. Originally as a companion for the "1 horse" (snickers) we were going to have. Then because they were cute, but neither of us were ever completely in love with the goats and we decided there is really no reason to hold onto something that eats if it serves us no purpose.

Perhaps if we'd had better luck this year and all of our babies had survived (long story, but drought caused an unseen vitamin deficiency which meant premie babies too young to save) perhaps I'd feel different. But it emotionally drained me to struggle with those little ones only to have one after the other die in my arms an hour or so after birth. Each one we lost was exactly what we'd bred for and all but 1 were female 😢. Nothing I did could save them. We had 2 does kid successfully, but when we lost more than were born alive, I just can't do it again.

Anyways, if you know of anyone in Washington state looking for Nubian goats send them my way.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Supplement protocol

So, I'm curious what supplements you feed your horses?

My horses and I live in an area that is wetter than wet 3/4 of the year. So we definitely have hoof issues during that portion of the year, though during the summer they both have feet of iron. Just ask my farrier, when he trimmed them last week he broke out into a sweat and was cursing their hard feet. Lol! Like he was glad they were hard, for them... but it made his job rather difficult! Even my mare with 4 whites has feet of iron!

But, in anticipation of the not so nice weather, they are on a good supplement designed for my local weather. It's called Hoof Guard. So far, so good. I like the texture and look of their feet so far. And their white line disease that they get during bad weather is going away nicely, so better connective tissues between the hoof wall and sole.

I also feed straight up MSM to them just to support their joints. Neither have any lameness or soreness issues in their limbs, so I don't need the fancy stuff. But I figured that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure.

I also give them coconut oil for shiny coats and it helps support immune system function. And keeps the powder supplements listed above stuck to their grain so nothing gets left behind. btw their coats are super shiny. Pretty pretty girls!

Leave a comment on your minimum supplement routine!