Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Calypso Chronicles Part 2

C and Calypso are really getting along fantastically (the big bonus of a been-there, done-that, saintly 25yo veteran of many children - a good majority of whom he started on their professional careers in horses).  C is really getting it and is starting to look like an actual rider.  We're working on trot work.  We're working on real steering and brakes.  We're working on stirrup-less work.  We're working on bareback work.  They are LOVING their time together and all is good on the boy+pony front.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

browband update!

Foggy (from my pocket) cell phone picture, but you can still see how pretty it is on her! <3

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kids+Ponies=Lots of fun!

We've finally had nice enough weather to get some rides in and oh my goodness, it is FUN to watch kids ride for the first time!  N was giggling hysterically as we did a few steps of trot. C figured out how to steer completely on his own, from his seat...  it was a lightbulb moment for him, and the pony thanked him tremendously for not using the reins :-D

I don't have many pictures as the battery died :( but here's a funny one of me running to get the pony to trot!

N trotting on Calypso

M waiting for her turn on to ride the pony

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy Birthday Peanut!

Happy birthday to my sweet girl! <3 Can't wait until I get her back from the breeding!  My husband works right across the street from her, so he'll stop by and give her a smooch and an apple for me! :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TTouch personality profile

I was looking at the pictures I just took and posted of miss Willow and remembered that I had the TTouch book on reading your horses face.  I found it crazy accurate with Willow at lease.  I think I want to do this for all 3 of my horses now! 

But first, let's go over Willow's personality profile!

We will start with the front view because I love looking at her pretty face! :-D

Starting at the bottom - I would say she has a heart shaped lip which indicates a horse with an "expressive and curious" personality.  When she is with a person she trusts she is extremely curious and strangely brave considering where she started - as a terrified mess of nerves!

Next I would say she has large and moveable nostrils - possibly rounded at the top (what do ya'll think?) - either way this too indicates an "intelligent, interested and active" horse. 

Next I would say she has an average distance between her eyes - which in my opinion are well placed and have a bright look and intelligent undertone.  Also sweet!  But the book says nothing about the average head, lol!

Lastly from this picture I would say that she has "fine fluted ears" (either that or wider at the tips than the base - not sure which one - can she have both?!) which again signifies "intelligence"

Now we will move on to her profile picture:

So this side gives a much more interesting view than the front.  We are going beyond the "intelligent" to her quirkiness :-D

Here we going to start with her profile.  I would say she has a dished face with a moose nose.  Which "usually indicates uncommon intelligence and confidence."  Also it later says that they are "sensitive".  Which now that she is in a better place mentally dealing with people I DO think she is insanely smart and when given a few moments to process (if needed) she is also confident.  When I take her to new places, despite being green as fresh spring grass, she TRIES and while she may spook a few times, she wants to be good and wants to work. 

Next I would say that she has a large, rounded jowl which indicates "intelligent and cooperative"  YES!  She WANTS to please and she wants to make everyone around her happy.  She is definitely a pleaser!

I would say that she has a "teacup" muzzle which again means "intelligent and sensitive"

I wouldn't say that she has a long mouth or a short mouth - nor is it thick anywhere - so we'll just stick with medium which doesn't really indicate anything. 

Lastly, for this picture, I would say that she has a "long, flat, narrow chin" which can indicate "high intelligence" but also can cause a horse to be labeled "difficult".  Which, while she and I get along great - several people have found her scary, intimidating or  difficult to manage.  Other than not wanting to be caught once in a while (Smart!) she is generally a sweet and willing horse for someone that she trusts.

This one is to show her eye - which seems a bit small to me compared to the size of her jowl, but I actually think is more along the medium side of the scale which seems to indicate "average intelligence" but with the rest of the "intelligent" markers, I don't think that this one is as indicative.

So, what do you think?  Have you done this to your horse?  Would you like to see a breakdown of my other horses - or even better try it out on yours for you?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

When the lighting is just right!

Willow is so pretty - not moving out because she wanted FOOD instead!